Pre natal Yoga

A beautiful gentle one hour class designed for gentle stretching and deep relaxation, for mums to be and their unborn babies.  Yoga has been proven to ease the birthing process, calm the mind, as well as hastening the recovery process. We instill the practice of pranayama (breath work) through delivery, and to focus the mind.  This class is also suitable for new mums that wish to get back into shape, calm the nerves, distress, and enjoy stretching and relaxation at a gentle pace.

“We spoke about how a baby forms in the womb…the flesh and bones form around the pattern of the subtle channels, like layers of ice around the contours of a twig. And of even the major joints that begin to pain us later in our lives have formed around knots in the channels that were there as early as the womb. When the sperm meets the egg of the mother – in that first instant – then something we call a ‘bindu’ enters at that same moment; a spark of consciousness, a pin-point of awareness, a star. And then this pin-point of awareness begins to move, and the first channels begin to sprout, and as they do the first cells split for the first time. And so there is consciousness, a very basic form of awareness, and life even in the first moment. And it is, again, defenceless life, and it deserves our kindness and care all the more.”
-Geshe Michael Roach & Christie McNally ‘How Yoga Works’

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