Friday Morning Yogalates | 31 Jan-3 Apr | 9:30-10:30am

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Yogalates is a type of exercise inspired by Yoga and Pilates, as its name suggests. It is said to harness the physical and mental benefits of both practices, and its advocates describe it as a comprehensive exercise system. Why not get the best of both worlds? Suitable for most levels of fitness. Pre-bookings are essential 10-week course commencing Friday 31st January 2020.

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Yogalates is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates. De-stress, meditate, tone and strengthen in one workout. Wake up the spine, embrace your core and target specific muscle groups. Yogalates combines the ancient traditions of Yoga with the more modern aspects of isolating and toning core muscles with Pilates.  This class is very popular, and suitable for most people wishing to improve well being.

10-week course commencing Friday 31 January 2020 (9:30am – 10:30am).