Meditation and Relaxation at Engadine Yoga and Pilates.

Learn how to totally relax the mind, quieten the breath, manage stress, practice guided visualisation, relaxation exercises, and learn to embody the benefits this will bring to you as a whole person–mind, body and soul.

Each Yoga instructor brings with them a wealth of expertise with meditative practices


  • Learn to reduce stress
  • Deal with anger and frustration
  • Develop a calm and peaceful mind
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Find happiness within
  • We practice Mindfulness Meditation at the studio. The focus will be on relaxation exercises and guided visualization techniques. We will then move onto the benefits of breathe work and put this into practice. This is very beneficial for today’s busy lifestyle, for anyone who is stressed and for students who are studying and having problems with despondency or focusing on the job at hand.

Meditation is incorporated in to our yoga classes for your benefit. There is no “set”meditation course at this stage for term 3